Correct Window Installation is Critical!

Correct window installation is critical to ensure that your windows provide the maximum energy savings, and reach their peak performance criteria.

Vinyl Double Hung3
Recently, many new building products and construction methods have come onto the market. With this, the installation method for windows has also needed to change.

Unfortunately, most window installers have resisted this necessary change and continue to install windows using old techniques.

Block Frame
Green Energy Windows, however, has made the installation of windows as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Whether it is for new construction or for replacement windows, there is an easy installation technique to use.

Our Windows not only include the standard block frame design but include a special Nail Fin as standard, and with our special optional Flush Fin design, installation has never been easier.

Our windows are gaining popularity because they can be installed without reveals.

Nail Fin

This allows internal wall finishes to butt directly into the window frame.

In the past, this technique has not been successful because of the combination of condensation and air leakage issues.

The limited types of window framing materials available, has been another contributing factor.

Flush Fin
At Green Energy Windows, the double glazed, composite and vinyl window range and the warm edge spacers make this type of installation method possible. This adds even more savings to your window project!

The gap allowance between the window frame and the construction framing material is another important factor.

Old techniques to “allow plenty of space” between these components should be done away with, and only minimum allowances and proper sealing techniques should be used for maximum energy savings.

The best energy efficiency and an appealing finish can only be achieved by using Green Energy Window products and the latest window installation approach. This is the only way to go!

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