Not All Vinyl Windows are
Made the Same!

It is reassuring to know that our Vinyl Windows are formulated specifically to meet the intense demands of the different Australian climatic conditions.

Discoloration and/or warping are things of the past but can occur in less quality Vinyl through exposure to Australia’s sun and UV light.

Light Through Vinyl
Green Energy Windows unique, scientifically formulated vinyl provides superior durability and performance in the harshest conditions season after season.

• We use only the best quality ingredients blended together for optimal superior strength and weathering.

• Adding just the right amount of Calcium Carbonate and Titanium Dioxide to our patented formulation provides advanced colour retention, weatherability and stiffness to our windows and doors.

• When exposed to identical conditions of light intensity, some competing vinyls allow more light to pass through than our vinyl frame of identical thickness.

More light means ultraviolet rays can attack the polymer bond, resulting in less protection against deformation.

Vinyl Chambers
• Our Vinyl Window frames will not absorb moisture and will maintain its stability and function without ever cracking, chipping, flaking or chalking like paint.

• Our Vinyl Window frames are extrusions which include internal hollow chambers. These chambers also trap air, increasing the energy performance and improving the sound-deadening qualities of the frame.

The more internal chambers, the stronger and more energy efficient the vinyl frames will be.

Test Facility
Real-Life Desert Tested

Testing under real desert conditions is the only way to be sure! A special test house built in the desert is used to conduct long-term real-life field tests on our Vinyl Windows.

This test house features a northern exposure on the outside and air conditioning inside to replicate a home environment in the most extreme conditions of the desert.

This real-life independent desert testing environment leaves no doubt about the durability of our windows.

We subject our windows to tests far beyond what the industry requires to ensure it will survive the elements.

Other Tests include:

Heat Absorption Test – Exposes vinyl to infrared radiation to determine how much radiant heat it can absorb and still remain stable.

Deflection Temperature Test – Determines the temperature at which a profile of specific dimension will bend under a specific load.

With our lifetime warranty you can always be sure you are getting the very best windows available!

Cutdown 2

Artisan Co Extruded Colours
It is also exciting to know that our Artisan series has 6 colours to choose from. White, Almond, Taupe, Bronze, Evergreen, and Autumn Red.

The superior solar reflective performance prevents heat build-up within the material which has historically a problem with the darker vinyl windows.

It’s Your Window to the World. You Should Like What You See.

If you're looking for a broad selection of high-quality vinyl windows to enhance the energy efficiency and aesthetics of your home, while staying within your budget, you've come to the right place.

Double Hung Colonial Bay window

Here are some more features:

• Custom sizes available at no extra cost

• Multi point, fusion-welded corners for strength and accuracy

• Interlocking panels

• Aluminum reinforced meeting rail

• 19mm" insulating unit with warm-edge spacer for increased resistance to thermal transfer and condensation (25mm available only in Artisan Series)

Arched Windows
• Glazing options: Clear, Low-E, Low-E Tint, Low-E HV, safety glass or Naturally Clean Brite Glass

• Stylelock

with sleek euro-design and open position indicator

• Extruded finger pull

• Engineered tandem nylon rollers (adjustable only in Artisan Series)

• Exterior reglazing

• Deep pile, fin seal weather stripping

• Block and tackle balance system

No matter which series you choose – the Studio series, Serenity Series or the Artisan Series – you can be confident that you’re getting the highest levels of quality engineering and construction.

You can also customize your window with a large selection of colonial bars/grid options to achieve the perfect look for your home.

When it comes to Vinyl Windows you can’t go past Green Energy Windows!

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