Your clearly on a winner with these Test Results!

Test results are critical as part of the analysis process before choosing the type and style of windows for your home.

This ensures that you not only get the best windows available, but they will withstand the extreme types of punishment that may be inflicted upon them.

You can be assured that all products supplied by Green Energy Windows meet or exceed all performance requirements.

We go to great lengths to ensure that our windows perform far beyond the minimum test requirements.

The 7 Industry Standard tests include:
• Heat Resistance test
• Weatherability test
• Dimension Stability test
• Impact Resistant test
• Corner Weld test
• Tensile Strength test
• Weight Tolerance test

The 7 additional tests include:
• Resin and Additive test
• Compound test
• Heat Absorption test
• Accelerated Weathering test
• Deflective Temperature test
• Statistical Process Control test
• Desert Climate test

By also reviewing our performance data page you can be reassured that you are only getting the very best windows on the market today.

This page lists all our windows and the results in testing their Structural rating, Glass type, UValue, SHGC, and VT results. It is important to realize here that the test results are based on the entire window, including the frame

and not just the glass.

With the Serenity Series of sound control windows it also gives the STC sound control ratings.

With our Lifetime Warranty you can’t go wrong.

By showing the test results of our windows, it’s clear to see that we are truly providing Tomorrows Windows Today!

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