Single Hung Windows

Single Hung Windows have the upper sash fixed and the lower sash slides vertically.

Single Hung window outline
Because they open up instead of out,
they don't take up exterior space when open. This makes them ideal for areas like adjoining walkways, porches, patios and other high-traffic areas.

Green Energy Windows offer the added security of secure locking, with the exclusive SentryLock available in the Artisan Series or the option of the sturdy cam lock or easy-to-use positive action lock in our other vinyl windows, all built
to exceed every industry standard for forced entry.

Our high-quality block and tackle balance spring system allows for simple, seamless operation.

Artisan Series features the new SentryLock, an automatic, magnetic-action lock.
• Studio Series features a cam lock or a positive action lock.
• Serenity Series features a positive action lock.
Single-hung windows are available in the Studio Series, Artisan Series and SerenityTM Series.

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