The Serenity Series for the Best in
Sound Control Windows

The Serenity Series of windows are sound control windows aimed at reducing unwanted noise.

Windows and doors can be pathways for sound problems in the home, which can occur from many sources including the close proximity to transportation areas like busy highways or freeways, railway lines, airports, noisy neighbours as well as kids playing and dogs barking.

Serenity Sound Control Windows offers a range of Sound Transmission Class (STC) ratings that reduce these unwanted sounds.

Serenity Window
Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of noise pollution within their homes.

This Series of windows are designed to help reduce these unwanted sounds so that people can enjoy some peace and quiet or simply be able to sleep better.

They are engineered with various glass widths using a triple glazing design to achieve different STC ratings. STC ratings for Serenity windows range from 40 to 47 — much higher compared to a typical double glazed window’s STC rating of 28 to 35.

A homeowner will clearly notice a change by increasing the STC rating of their windows by 5 points, whereas an increase of 10 STC rating points, the noise will be perceived only half as loud.

The triple glazing design also affords greater energy efficiency over double glazed windows due to an increased frame width and an extra glazing panel. U-values as low as .22 are achievable in this Series with Low-E glass. The entire Serenity range has earned the ENGERGY STAR® rating because of its greater energy performance.

Saving energy is on everyone’s mind these days, and while the Serenity windows are designed to suppress noise, the inherent design makes the window increasingly thermally efficient — a real benefit that will be felt both in comfort and in savings.

Made from the same quality material as Green Energy Windows other vinyl lines, this impressive Series is available in white in Single Hung, Horizontal Slider, and Picture window styles.

The Serenity Series of windows are the best for sound control, and are backed by the same great Lifetime Warranty you’ve come to expect from Green Energy Windows.

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