SentryLock is the Window Lock of the Future

The new SentryLock offers secure locking with easy operation in a sleek new profile that complements the unique design of the Artisan Series windows.

Security is an important part of the design of the lock. It has specifically been designed with peace-of-mind features included within the lock and manufacturing process.

SentryLock closed
The lock placement was a key design criterion for the Artisan Series that features this locking mechanism. With the lock placed on the face of the sash, would-be intruders are not able to see if the lock is in the open position.

Another security feature is the unlocked visual indicator allowing the homeowner to know if their window is unlocked or locked from a distance.

SentryLock open
The red stripe indicator reveals itself when the window is in the open position. With the sash fully closed it automatically locks and the unlocked indicator is concealed.

In addition to the visual cue, when the sash is fully closed, an audible click is heard when the locking bolts self-engage.

They are easy to open with the simple push-button design. Locking the window gets even easier with its automatic locking capabilities. Simply slide the sash to automatically engage the locking bolts.

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