Replacement Windows for year round savings

Finding super energy efficient replacement windows has never been easier!

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If you have single-pane windows, upgrading with Green Energy Window’s replacement energy efficient, double glazed windows will result in unbelievable year round savings.

Windows account for up to 30% of the energy consumed in homes.

With our many choices of windows including composite and vinyl frame material coupled with CozE, CozE Tint, CozE HV and Brite energy efficient glass, you can be assured you can save $100’s of dollars on those energy bills.

The types of windows you have affects the look and feel of your home. Often, simply changing the window style can dramatically change the entire appearance of a room.

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Our high quality vinyl, unique composite, selection of styles and hardware options can improve the look of your home both inside and out.

Older steel, aluminium and timber windows are often drafty, ill fitting or require hours of maintenance.

The problems of condensation, resulting mould, rotting, peeling and cracking of the timber sills and frames can be avoided forever by using Green Energy replacement windows.

If you wish to give your home an instant face lift and increase your home’s value with the least amount of work, trouble and cost, then replacing your windows may be exactly what you need. With our unique “Flush Fin” option available, installation is a dream.

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For peace of mind, our windows come with a LifeTime Warranty. Simply put, this covers any defects in materials and workmanship in your vinyl windows and doors for as long as you own your home. Furthermore, if you sell your home, the warranty is transferable for five years.

Did you know?

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The “Remodeling” Magazine notes that newly installed windows that include energy efficient designs and convenience features are a major selling point to home buyers.

The magazine’s “Cost V’s Value Report” states that window replacement projects utilizing these energy efficient designs yielded a return on investment of 83.7%.

According to the report, window replacement yields a much higher return than even a kitchen remodel!

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You can’t lose!

You may have heard other people tell you that you do not need double glazed windows or that they are too expensive.

Well, this is now a myth as we can supply windows with competitive prices to standard single-pane windows.

You will always be in a win–win situation when you purchase Green Energy Replacement Windows.

Saving money on the cost of the windows, saving on energy bills, giving your home a facelift and increase your home’s value with the least amount of work, trouble and cost is a great start!

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