What a difference
High Performance Windows can make!

Having High Performance Windows can make a huge difference to a home!

These differences include saving energy, lowering utility bills, sound control, improves indoor air quality, stops condensation, reduces wear on home furnishings and improves the resale value.

Other factors such as air leakage, conduction and convection, solar heat gain/solar radiation are also important for energy efficiency.

Windows typically comprise 10 to 25 percent of the exterior wall area of homes.

Research studies report that windows in heating-dominated climates account for up to 25 percent of a typical house’s heating load, and that in cooling-dominated climates, windows account for up to 50 percent of the cooling load.

In recent years, many technological advances have been made that significantly enhance the thermal performance of windows.

These technologies include improved framing materials, double glazing, low-E glass, warm edge spacers, and better edge sealing techniques.

These technologies are used to optimize performance.

The materials and design of the frame influence thermal performance.

Low conductive materials, such as vinyl, and composite materials perform better than high conductive materials such as aluminum.

An effective insulating envelope around the entire home’s structure, is a key element for an energy-efficient home.

When combined with high performance windows, it greatly improves the comfort levels inside and dramatically improves the overall energy efficiency.

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