Ultimate Double Hung Windows

Double Hung Windows have two vertically sliding sashes which slide past each other in a single frame.

Double Hung window outline
Because both sashes move up and down, they don’t take up any exterior space when opened, and are extremely popular
in our Renaissance Series range of composite windows.

This makes them ideal for areas like adjoining walkways, porches, patios and other high-traffic areas

The Double-hung range from Green Energy Windows are often used for second storey applications because each sash has the ability to tilt in for ease of cleaning from inside.

They look best in more traditional architectural style homes such as French, Colonial, Craftsman, Shingle and Victorian, and have gained popularity in some of the more modern architectural style of homes.

They provide the maximum cross through ventilation by allowing air through the top, bottom or both sashes at the same time.

Colonial bars or grids can add a special feature which uplifts their appearance further.

Featuring hidden block and tackle balances, recessed finger pulls in the sashes, colour matching hardware and with a lifetime guarantee, you can be sure Green Energy Windows will always provide smooth operation and be appealing windows for years to come.

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Double Hung Windows for ultimate cross through ventilation.

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