Why Double Glazing?

Double glazing, double pane or Insulated Glass units (IGU’s) are the common names used for 2 pieces of glass which traps the air in between and creates an insulating barrier to form insulated glass.

This reduces heat loss, heat gain, noise and condensation and increases wind load and water resistance. For this reason, Green Energy Windows recommend and only supply double glazed windows.

Insulated glass units or double glazed units have been patented as far back as 1865 and have been implemented in architectural applications around the world since World War II.

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There are two fundamental approaches to improving the energy performance of glazing products, which may be combined.

The first approach is to alter the glazing material itself by changing its chemical composition or physical characteristics. An example of this is tinted glazing with CozE glass.
The second approach is to assemble various layers of glazing and control the properties of the spaces between the layers.

These strategies include the use of two or more panes of glass, increase the thickness of these panes of glass, and thermally improving the type of spacers to warm edge spacers.

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The savings

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Installing Energy Saving double glazed windows can cut heat lost through windows by half and save a household $100’s per year.

This saving can translate to be as much as 720kg of carbon dioxide (CO2) a year, all of which makes a positive contribution towards saving our environment.

Unlike other parts of the world, Australia has been left behind in taking up the advancements in window technology.

As windows have undergone a technological revolution, it is now possible to significantly reduce solar heat gain and improve comfort while providing clear view and daylight.

In warm regions, high performance windows can face the sun if desired without great energy penalties – although shading techniques remain important.

A cost effective option is to only replace existing windows with Green Energy Double Glazed Windows in rooms that cost the most to heat or to cool.

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A common request we receive is to transform Double Glazed Windows into a colonial style.

These colonial bars or grids are easily included between the two panes of glass.

The decorative effect is created, and the cleaning becomes so much easier than conventional colonial windows.

Nothing can compare to double glazed windows with the right frame material, the right glazing to suit your circumstances, warm edge spacers and lifetime warranty, all at the right price!

Compare our super efficient double glazed Renaissance Series composite windows, our Artisan Series of Vinyl windows and our Studio or Serenity Series of windows.

I am sure you will be excited about the possibilities.

When it comes to double glazing you can’t go past Green Energy Windows!

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