Green Energy Composite Windows

Introducing what has become known as the biggest innovation in windows since timber!


Composite Windows by Green Energy Windows are specially designed and made from a blend of thermoplastic alloys that is used in place of timber, vinyl, or aluminum to build the frame of Renaissance Series windows.

The composite material is encased in PVC capstock, for durability that resembles the finish of finely painted millwork, which helps ensure that it won't fade, chip or scratch.

They are designed and constructed to withstand even the harshest conditions, season after season.

Ren Colonial around edges

They offer all the beauty of a timber window without the maintenance drawbacks that have plagued homeowners for centuries: rotting, peeling, warping, leaking, insect damage or sun damage.

Combine this with our energy-saving features like double glazing using low-e glass coupled with our life-time warranty, you have to see it to believe it!

Just look at everything these revolutionary windows have to offer:

Composite MandT
LifeTime Warranty

• Can be shaped into various shapes and sizes

• Will not absorb moisture

• Acts as an excellent insulator

• Offers superior dimensional stability

Composite TandG
• Are mechanically fastened and glued using mortise and tenon tongue and glued techniques

• Maintains stability even in high-heat environments

• Can be easily recycled

Rennaissance Corner
You can also be assured that our windows have surpassed the following industry-standard tests:

• Heat Resistance
• Weather ability
• Air Infiltration
• Water Resistance
• Dimensional Stability
• Impact Resistance
• Weight Tolerance
• Tensile Strength
• Corner Strength

Green Energy Composite Windows are truly Tomorrows Windows Today!

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