Colonial Bars or Grids?

Colonial bars are also known as glazing bars, dividing lites or grids.

Colonial grid pattern
Border Grids
When installed as part of your window package, they will make enormous differences to the look and feel of your home.

At Green Energy Windows, the most popular requests are for the colonial, border, perimeter and the craftsman pattern’s. The diamond pattern is also available.

Perimeter Grids
Craftsman Grids
In fact, there are so many variations available that most individual designs and requests are already catered for.

Grid Pattern 3
On our Double Glazed Windows, the grids are usually installed BETWEEN the 2 panes of glass, which makes the cleaning of these windows so much easier.

The choice between the 16mm flat or 25mm sculptured colonial bars is available to give the preferred effect.

Artisan Red
Colonial Bars can of course be installed on the outside of the glass, if desired.

Two tone grids are also available for those customers who choose a different colour finish between the inside and outside of the window frames.

At Green Energy Windows, there are so many options to choose from; the choice between the different colonial bars or grids, and the options of CozE or Brite Glass.

Combine this with the warm edge spacers, our life time warranty and brilliant prices, we truly provide tomorrow’s windows today!

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