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Brite glass windows harness the power of the sun, combined with rain water, to naturally clean your windows, and KEEP them clean!

Cleaning ordinary glass windows—and keeping them clean—has been a constant challenge. Not so with the new Brite window glass.

How do they work?

Unlike normal glass, this specialized glass has an exterior coating that makes the glass smooth, helping disperse the water more evenly over the surface. Water runs off very quickly, and windows dry more effectively, reducing water spots by up to 99 percent.

In addition, the raindrops on the glass react chemically with the sun’s ultraviolet rays, and so help break down and loosen organic material such as dirt and grime. The rain water rinses the grime away, thus keeping your windows clean and bright.

Ordinary Glass

Water droplets sit higher on the rough surface of ordinary glass, causing more spots and greater cleaning needs.

Brite Glass Comparison
Brite Glass

The smooth surface disperses water evenly, removes dirt more quickly and reduces water spots.

The glass comes standard with a removable film to protect the surface from dirt and debris during the manufacturing, shipping, and installation of the window. Simply peel and discard when finished.


• Use’s the sun’s power to naturally clean your windows and keep them clean longer

• Reduces water spots by up to 99%

• The ultimate low-maintenance window glass system when combined with any energy efficient CôzE performance glass option

• A removable film protects the surface from manufacturing, shipping, and installation debris

Brite Glass for the ultimate naturally clean glass!

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